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The cords/strings/threads you use should be made from natural materials, like wool or cotton (wool is better). Avoid stiff, tightly woven, coarse or plastic based cords like nylon, rayon, and polyester. For most spells, you don’t need more than 30-60 cm (~1-2 ft). But if it’s supposed to be several knots, you should use a good length since knots ‘eat’ the cord away.

Keep your cords where they aren’t visible, so that they aren’t used for other purposes. If you wish to weave, braid or spin your own cord, that’s good. They get more powerful that way. Anything you make with your own hands, you can dedicate to your needs during the process of making them. Braiding is in itself a magic act. In many cultures, string is seen as a spiritual road. Strings have been used to travel, capture and confuse. But also as a medium for energy to move through.

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