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Combinations and Relations

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Meaningful combinations and relations between cards in a spread have collective meanings which give increased insight into problems and situations. Here’s the list of the different interpretations:

Quartets, trios and pairs:

Four Aces – Triumph
Three Aces – Harmony
Two Aces – Reunion
Four Kings – Honor and success
Three Kings – Good support
Two Kings – Good advisors
Four Queens – Scandal
Three Queens – Gossip
Two Queens – Curiosity
Four Jacks – Battle
Three Jacks – Quarrel
Two Jacks – Discussions
Four Tens – A change for the better
Three Tens – Repayments
Two Tens – A change of luck
Four Nines – Unexpected fortune
Three Nines – Successful undertaking
Two Nines – Coming satisfaction
Four Eights – Concerns
Three Eights – The burdens are reduced
Two Eights – Instability
Four Sevens – Similarity
Three Sevens – Fulfillment
Two Sevens – Mutual love
Four Sixes – Unexpected difficulties
Three Sixes – Hard work
Two Sixes – Contrasts
Four Fives – Personal happiness
Three Fives – Personal satisfaction
Two Fives – Personal insecurity
Four Fours – Equal chances
Three Fours – Good chances
Two Fours – Small chances
Four Threes – Hope
Three Threes – Stability
Two Threes – Choices
Four Twos – Crossroads
Three Twos – Change of direction
Two Twos – Separate ways
Joker – Don’t be fooled, this is an unknown dimension

Meaningful relations:

Ace of Diamonds among multiple Hearts – Business and pleasure don’t go together
Ace of Diamonds among multiple Clubs – Business things that depend on money come into focus
Ace of Spades among multiple Hearts – Emotional problems
Ace of Spades among multiple Diamonds – Difficulties at work or with career and ambitions
Ace of Hearts among multiple Clubs – Generosity
Ace of Hearts among multiple Diamonds – Love and romance in connection with a journey or work
Ace of Clubs among multiple Diamonds – Wealth and higher social status
Ace of Clubs among multiple Spades – Financial problems
Multiple different court cards – Social activity, party
A court card between two cards with the same number or value – Someone gets support or is restrained by his surroundings
A Jack next to a King or a Queen – Protection
Queen of Spades between a King and another Queen – A contact will be broken off
Eight and Nine of Spades together – Health problems
A Jack amount multiple Diamonds – A messenger comes with important news or information
Nine and Ten of Diamonds together – A journey on or over the water
Nine of Hearts and Three of Diamonds together – A stable love affair

Combinations and Relations

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