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Direction: South
Controls: Energy, soul, heat, flame, blood, sap, life, healing and destruction, cleansing, bonfires, hearth fires, candle flames, sun, deserts, volcanoes, eruptions, explosions
Time: Mid day
Season: Summer
Colors: Red, gold, high red, orange, white (sunlight at mid day)
Sign: Aries
Tools: Censer, wand
Spirits: Salamanders ruled by King Djinn
Angel: Ariel
Name of the southern wind: Notus
Sense: Sight
Jewel: Fire opal
Incense: Olibanum (frankincense)
Plants: Garlic, hibiscus, mustard, nettle, onion, red pepper, red poppy
Tree: Almond in bloom
Animals: Fire breathing dragons, lions, and horses (when their hoofs throw sparks)
Goddesses: Brigit, Hestia, Pele, Vesta
Gods: Agni, Hephaestus, Horus, Vulcan


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