Let’s dive into the subject of Elves. The ones from Norse Mythology are quite different from the cartoon and modern fairytale version.

The art in the video

“To make my small elves coats”
Illustration by Arthur Rackham for Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream (public domain)

“The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania”
Oil painting by Sir Joseph Noel Paton 1849 (public domain)

“Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing”
Illustration by William Blake 1786 (public domain)

This means “Elf Play” although the museum lists it as “Dancing Fairies”. Oil painting by August Malmström 1866 (public domain)

The title translates to “The Meadow Elves”. Oil painting by Nils Blommér in 1860 (public domain)

“Prinz Arthur und die Feenkönigin”
Translates as “Prince Arthur and the Fairy Queen”. Painting by Johann Heinrich Füssli ca 1788 (public domain)

“The Elves and the Cobbler”
Engraving by George Cruikshank for the book “German Popular Stories” published 1824-26 (public domain)

“The Elf Ring”
Watercolour painting by Kate Greenaway ca 1900 (public domain)

“Poor little birdie teased”
Illustration by Richard Doyle 1870 (public domain)

“Elliptisk dans”
Translates to Elliptical Dance. Oil painting by Camilla Marie Paulsen 2019 (used with written permission from the artist)

“Harmonia Amanda, the elvish poetess, sitting by the chimney and playing Lyra
Drawing by Archibald Tuttle 2009 (sharing allowed by the creator)

“An elf and a fairy kissing”
Illustration by Richard Doyle 1870 (public domain)

“Fantasy Fairy Tale Elve Girl”
by ArtsyBee on Pixabay (sharing allowed by the creator)

“A Fairy Tale”
Oil painting by Arthur Wardle pre-1949 (public domain)

“The Fairy Ring; the Enchanted Piper”
Oil painting by William Holmes Sullivan ca 1880 (public domain)

“Elf and Owls”
Illustration by Richard Doyle 1870 (public domain)

by pixundfertig on Pixabay (sharing allowed by the creator)

“Huldra forsvant”
Watercolour painting by Theodor Kittelsen pre-1910 (public domain)

“Rhymes and jingles”
by Mary Mapes Dodge 1903 (public domain)

“Elve Girl”
by ArtsyBee on Pixabay (sharing allowed by the creator)

“Dancing Elves at Dusk”
Acrylic painting by me, Linda Ursin 2015

“Elf House”
Photo by Raben Frau on Pixabay (sharing allowed by the creator)

Do you believe in Elves or Fairies?

What do you think they’re like?

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