We all have our own unique way to be Pagan, to work with magic. There is no single truth, no dogma in Paganism but there are (and will always be) those who want to push their way on others. The people who want to tell you that you’re doing it wrong or even that what you’re doing is bad or evil.

Don’t listen to them

These are, whether they know it themselves or not, fanatics. Or as we called them on Cackle Boom Radio: Poobahs. They can’t help themselves but that doesn’t mean you have to listen or change how you live and practice.

Find good advice

There are thousands of friendly, knowledgeable Pagans out there willing to give good advice when you ask for it. Hang around them instead.

When you do get advice, check in with your intuition. If it feels right for you, it usually is. The same goes for if it feels wrong.

Keep doing things your way

Keep learning new things and exploring new ways but don’t let others decide how you should live your life.

If you have the time to watch the show we did on the subject of Poobahs back when the station was still online, it’s hilarious (according to the listeners).

Have you run into a Poobah?

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