It’s time for me to reveal what I’ve been working on behind the scenes and hinting at because I couldn’t keep my mouth shut 😀

So what is it?

As you can probably tell, the site looks different. I’ve rebuilt my website from scratch with colours, photos, and messaging that is more me than anything I’ve done before.

I’m rebranding as the Strange Bird: an intuitive artist providing art and inspiration for the strong, wise woman.

This means that I’ll be focusing on the art and being an advocate for self-expression. And in so doing I’ve created something really great called The Curiosity Shop. In The Curiosity Shop, you’ll find many of my crafts, my free offerings, and anything else I feel fits in.

Scavenger Hunt

Have a look around the new site and see if you can find this yellow feather. I’ve hidden it somewhere on the pages, and it’s not the one you see on the right 🙂

If you find the yellow feather and click it, you get my book “get back to YOU – get back to CREATING” for free. Clicking the feather will take you to a password protected page. The password for that page is: yfeather

I’ll be doing a couple more scavenger hunts in the following days, with more fun gifts. So there’s fun incentive for you to explore the site.

To clarify: There is no limit on how many get the prize for finding the yellow feather. The only limit is that it ends at midnight my time tonight.

Why did I do this?

I wanted to start fresh with a new site because there was so much hanging around the old one that I didn’t want anymore.

There are a few things that still need doing. It takes a while to change all bios and pictures but most will get changed today.

It’s been a massive amount of work, but I feel it’s been worth it. I hope you’ll like the clarified expression of me as much as I do and continue to follow what I do.

Best Wishes

Linda, in handwriting

Plese share when you find something on this site that you like


  1. LouAnn

    Well done!! It s always a labor of love.but worth it!!


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