I know it’s early to be talking about Christmas/Yule gifts before Halloween, but you need to start looking now if you want to make sure to have it delivered to you in time. Even more so if you’re making the gifts yourself.

If you choose to make and buy handmade gifts for everyone this year

  • your gifts will be unique
  • the items will be well made
  • they recipients remember who they got it from
  • there will be more thought and love behind it than a plastic toy or a gadget
  • you support artists and crafters so they can continue doing what they love
  • you let the artisan know that their talent and time is appreciated
  • you teach others that handmade is valuable and worth having

A handmade item is so much more precious than something cast in plastic in a machine in a faraway country. A lot of kids seem to have the attitude that handmade is ‘cheap’ and boring. I wonder who they learned that from… I know younger kids don’t mind handmade things. My daughter has frequently chosen handmade items or even stuff she’s found outside over plastic toys.

There are lots of exciting and unique things to be found in the handmade category. It doesn’t have to be something everyone has. Here are some suggestions for kids. Click the picture to go to the item in the artisan’s Etsy shop.

  Sensory bin Custom plush from art or design Orb spinning top Personalized telescope Pirate ship coin bank  Swimmable mermaid tailBuilding blocks Wooden bow and arrow set

I have more ideas if you need some.

Who are you shopping for this year?


  1. Sibylle

    I’m not very good with my hands. But I remember one year, I bought to small baking forms in the shape of a christmas tree and the other was, I believe, an owl. I baked little cakes for all my friends and decorated them with chocolate couverture and little sugar beads and the like. I was a student and broke at the time, but these cost next to nothing, just a lot of time, and my friends loved them 🙂

    • Linda Ursin

      That’s a lovely gift, and I understand why they loved them 🙂


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