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Finding a psychic on the internet is easy. Finding a real psychic on the internet, on the other hand, not so much. Scams aren’t the only thing you need to be worried about, though. In order to get a reading that satisfies your needs, you must find a psychic who specializes in your particular area of interest, who can connect with you on a higher level, and who can provide you with the correct insight you need. But finding a legitimate psychic from amongst a crowd of seven billion netizens seems like a tough game. But not to worry, here are some tips that will help you find the right psychic.

Money Does Not Guarantee a Great Reading

It is completely incorrect to think that you will get a perfect reading as long as you provide a high price. Quite the contrary, you may end up spending $700 an hour on a so-called psychic who will not only be unfit, but also illegitimate. Remember, not ever psychic who charges high is doing so because of their accuracy, some of them, in fact, many of them, just want to get rich really fast.

Following the Crowd is a Bad Idea

If you choose to trust a psychic just because they have got a huge “fan base”, chances are you will end up nowhere. People are gullible, and there are always wolves among the sheep who exploit their gullibility. Thus, a great psychic is not just one who makes you stand in their waiting list for the next six months, it is someone who can be trusted, who understands your needs, who is not all about money and fame and who is really eager to help. So, while it is always a good idea to ask a friend, use caution when choosing the right psychic.

Don’t Be in a Rush

It’s easier to exploit you when you are in a hurry, because you are not in your right mind, and therefore, more vulnerable to a cheating. The world of psychic is chock full of scammers, and you better take your time to choose the right person. Trust your instincts in these matters. If someone doesn’t click, there’s probably a reason to that. If a psychic feels funny or overrated, avoid them. Also, just like gambling, running to psychics every now and then can become an addiction. So say no to a rush and take all the time you need.

Use Your Common Sense

If you are looking for a psychic online, you will come across thousands of websites, blogs and Facebook pages advertising typical psychics like “Madame Katrina” and such. Use your brains to tell apart a bad psychic from a good one. If a certain psychic’s website fells weird, incredible or funny, press the back button and do not return! It is better to reject a few psychics before you find the right person, rather than ending up trapped in the clutches of a fraudster.

Make Use of Top Ten Lists, But Carefully

There are many large websites with headings with countless “Best Psychics” lists. They will probably even help you locate a psychic by location, expertise and popularity. However, use a certain amount of good judgment, as many of these sites practically “sell” positions on these lists, allowing a said psychic to buy their way to the top of these lists for a hundred dollars. These backdoor agreements are often hidden from the common readers, making the sites prone to exploitation by illegitimate readers and pretend psychics. Before finalizing a reading with a psychic, it is a good idea to read their reviews, check their ratings, and only then set up a meeting.

Get a Clear Idea of What You Want

Now that we spent so long telling you what not to do, here are some ideas to help you find a good psychic. Make sure you are aware of what exactly it is that you need. Every psychic has their own area of expertise, and they are best sought for those services only. So are you looking for a psychic medium, a guide, a healer, an animal psychic, a grief counselor, a fortune teller, a connection maker or someone else? If you be specific with your needs, your chances at finding the best psychic increases by multiples.

Look Out for Genuine Websites

Not all psychic communities are bought. There are reputed communities who vet each of their psychics before letting them go live on their listings. You should be on the look for websites like Kasamba or Oranum, where a genuine community of real world psychics can be found for a reasonable price. Also, always remember to read reviews and double check their profiles before you pick up your wallet and start paying by the minute.

Here are Some Recommendations

Just in case you are still at puzzle about your first psychic reading, we have a few websites in mind that can help you get started. Kasamba provides a huge list of psychic mediums for you to choose from, along with ratings, reviews and rates per minute. Each psychic is vetted before listing, so you can understand that they have got to have some quality to be listed up here. Oranum is another example of a good community of online psychic readers.

Finding a good psychic reader may sound hard, but there are really many of them. Not everyone is Merlyn or Dumbledore, but they do have some unique gifts to share with you. They can answer your questions, confirm existing doubts and so much more. Keep your eyes and ears open, and beware of phony, fraud psychics. Hopefully, you will find the right psychic medium that suits your needs!

Did these tips help you get closer to a right psychic reader? Have a few of your own additions to recommend? Know a thing or two about good psychics? Have your own experience to share? Leave your comments below and we can start an exciting diskussion!

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  1. Kate

    Hi Linda, how are you?
    This article is so true, It took more a few hours to find a good psychic online. I spent some money but I definitely found it and she is great.
    They are hundreds of good psychics at Kasamba, I made the mistake doing my first session with a psychic without comments and reviews.
    I would recommend: just don’t give up, you will find the correct one….


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