Don’t do what I did! Don’t let what other people say and expect of you, trick you to dim down, hide or to sacrifice your creativity. I spent way too many years doing this, just to do what you’re “supposed to” because other people told me:

  • you can’t live off of your creativity
  • being creative isn’t a job
  • you should choose education by what you can get a job at, not what you want

I’m sad to say I listened to them. Because of this, I always felt like something was missing. I dropped out of school twice, because I was convinced to choose what would give me a job, not what I wanted. I finished school as an adult and got my first permanent position at 30. At 38 I ended up on sick leave, and later disability because the job I got wore me down both mentally and physically. I wasn’t made to sit behind and desk and answer computer questions. My personality was in constant conflict with my job. That’s not something I’d want you to repeat. I’m not telling you to drop everything and go for being a full-time artist. I am telling you to take steps consistently to reach your dream. Whatever that dream is. However small the step, it is still a step forward. Even if that step is developing your creativity after the kids go to bed, because that’s the only time you have. Even if it’s doodling during a meeting, because that’s all that you have the energy for. It will bring you forward. If you dim down, hide or sacrifice your creativity entirely

  • you aren’t fully satisfied
  • there’s always something missing
  • you feel drained

If you pick open your creativity back up

  • you find the energy you didn’t think you had
  • you feel more fulfillled
  • you stand up straighter

Plus a lot of other benefits of an authentic life. I’m not going to name these people, but some of them are still in my life and are still telling me these things. I’m not a business coach, so I can safely tell you that I haven’t gotten rich from my art, but I am taking big steps towards my dream, with the help of my team (and I have sold some paintings and drawings). My life experience is what drives me to help others out of this trap. If this sounds familiar, let me support you.


  1. Brenda Lee

    Very powerful message you have here Linda. Thank you for sharing it with us. I’m gladly passing it along.

    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks Bren 🙂 I always appreciate that you do

  2. Troy Cianaodh Young

    Excellent advice Linda. Creativity is what separates us from the machines after all. Be creative, be human! 🙂



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