Creativity is for everyone! It’s not reserved for people in perfect health who have tons of free time and a lot of money. Tweet this! If you’ve started believing this myth, it’s time to turn it around.


Whatever your obstacle is

Whatever you believe keeps you from creating

Whatever other people may have told you

Don’t let those obstacles keep you from creating!

I can help you find a way around them!

If it’s time, it’s possible to find some

If it’s money, you can do a lot with free/cheap materials and supplies

If it’s your health, there are things you can do anyway

You may have to be open to some compromises and untraditional solutions. You may have to reprioritize and set some new boundaries.  But it is possible for you to be creative.

Creativity is important to every single human, although we usually don’t realize this until after we’ve been without for a while Tweet this! . Since you’re still reading this post, I bet you’ve probably felt it when it’s been missing.

It’s time you take your creativity back!

What’s been keeping you from creating?

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