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I’m a mythical artist, photographer, designer, intuitive and all-around creative based in the Norwegian mountains and this is my blog.

This is where I share my creative expression and do my best to inspire, empower, share tips and information, and give the occasional kick in the butt so you can have a more fulfilling life. You’ll also find a lot of art, some behind the scenes and works in progress, as well as some strong opinions, and a swear word or two. If you enjoy the posts, please share them.

“Coloring outside the lines is a fine art.”
– Kim Nance
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Some Pretty Silly Halloween Jokes

These Halloween jokes are pretty silly but I thought you might enjoy them anyway. Seeing as Halloween is here very soon and a laugh is good for you.

Another Crochet Creation – an Owl on a Keychain

I did another crochet project and this time, it’s an Owl for my keyring. I made it in pieces because I wanted the stitches in different directions and didn’t feel like figuring that problem out 😀

Vintage Crochet to Keep Creating

As I told you in my last post, my body is objecting to the season so I’m not drawing or painting and I’m not posting as much. I am doing some crochet though. Both to stay creative and to get some vintage inspired items for my self.

Do You Think It’s Possible to Paint on Fabric?

Of course, you can paint on fabric! But you do need a fabric medium if you don’t want it to get really stiff and peel off. I did these shirts for my daughter’s Halloween and costume party costumes over the last two days.

A Sketch as a Way to Celebrate World Rhino Day

Every year on the 22nd of September, they celebrate World Rhino Day and this year, I thought I'd join in. This sketch was done in pencil on paper and is my way of celebrating the Rhino. If you're interested in seeing...

Fun Characters You Come Across When Researching Mythology

A couple of days ago I was researching creatures of mythology from different areas of the World for my art series when I came across some really fun ones from Japan that I wanted to share with you. There’s at least one that I would love to have in my house 🙂

This blog is the creative expression of Linda Ursin – Art Witch, a multifaceted artist, photographer, designer based in the Norwegian mountains

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