I wanted to show you how I create my symbol paintings. I start off with a blank sheet and an idea of what I want to create. For this one, I knew I wanted a symbol of Earth because I’d done fire and water before it. So I went looking for ancient symbols for Earth and found an image of a prehistoric earth goddess petroglyph. (A petroglyph is a rock carving.)

I then set out to create the background. I either go for something completely abstract, or I try to hint at the meaning of the symbol. This background is an in between. I’ve used some of the colours of the planet and made some green shapes. To create the backgrounds, I wet the paper and go to town playing with watercolour. It’s fun to experiment with texture techniques.

I then add colours in layers until I’m happy with it.

After that’s dry, I take a smaller brush and paint the symbol on top.

And here’s the finished painting. This was number 46 in the series of 100.

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