I’ve decided to collect your suggestions for art challenges and prompts so I can make videos of them and post them on YouTube. Both because I think it will be fun for both me and you, and because it will get me making more videos 🙂

I plan to start this new segment on my channel as soon as I’ve sent out some more sponsorship emails. I’m looking for sponsors that are willing to provide either tools, materials, or money to keep these videos going.

If you know of any companies that might be willing, let me know. They will get a mention in the video and a link in the description.

But what I first and foremost want from you today are suggestions

They can be anything at all that you think would be interesting (keeping it family friendly of course). If it’s ok with you I will mention your name in the video, and thank you properly 🙂

These are the suggestions I have so far:

  • use a dip pen
  • photo realism
  • use your left hand
  • paint only negative space
  • make a random paint stain into identifiable art
  • paint with tea, cola, coffee, chocolate, ketchup, food colouring, make-up, jello etc.
  • use your toes to hold the brush
  • paint with homemade brushes
  • do some fan art (since you normally don’t do that)
  • use a random idea generator
  • use weird tools to paint or draw with
  • make art out of a scribble
  • make famous people into animals

I’ve also received some more detailed suggestions:

Rebecca Killeen-Brown: Create, cut and recreate. Paint. Draw. Whatever then chop up the piece and make something new.

Crystal Sumner: Drawing yourself or any picture without picking your pen up. Once the pen hits the page, it stays on there until you’re finished.

Toni Mcmanus: Make your own brushes out of sponges, sticks, feathers, bamboo etc.

Linda Hansen: When I taught design, I often used music. Bring a bunch of different “brushes” from sponges to sticks, steel wool, popcorn, leeks … The students heard a few seconds of a song and chose “brush” and colour according to the kind of mood the music snippet gave them. Then listened to the whole song and painted what the music gave them.Sometimes they painted blindfolded.

Toni Mcmanus: Progressive painting. With a group of like-minded people, you have 10-15 minutes per painting then you move to the one on your left and continue.

Crystal Sumner: Paint a picture without using normal tools like paint brushes or fingers.

Leave your suggestions in a comment below

And share this post with anyone you think would have a great idea for a challenge/prompt or would enjoy my content.


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