I’ll be making videos this month, pretty much daily. If you want to see them all, I’ll post them on my facebook page. Today, I had this thought when I was walking up the hill with my bike, so I had to record it.

What’s your answer?

Do you make time to enjoy the season or are you at your computer hustling all day?

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  1. Psychic Nest

    Hi Linda,

    A beautiful video and message as well! I love connecting with the Nature when Spring arrives. I always make sure that I walk 45 mins per day to smell the flowers and enjoy the birds chirping!


  2. Sibylle

    Lovely video! You look so alive and happy there 🙂

    And yes, I am taking the time to enjoy the season and the weather. It’s my favourite time of the year, it just passes way too quickly! I want to hold on to every single day.

  3. Linda Ursin

    Thanks Sibylle 🙂 It’s my favorite season too.


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