I decided to ask my followers for one person who I’d do a Tarot reading for in today’s post. While explaining how I do this. Jonquil Alexa was the first to raise her hand.

Here’s her question: My question is one of alignment. The circumstances I currently live in are not smoothly conducive to moving my household to Europe. How do I align myself to better my move to Europe?

The interpretations below are tied to the question. For other questions and clients, the interpretations would be different. I created these interpretations myself, by using my intuition, the symbols and pictures on the cards, and my prior knowledge of Tarot. The same card in another deck has another interpretation, although the interpretation may touch on the same subject.

The Spread


  1. Surrounding circumstances: 4 Wands
  2. What’s rocking the boat: The Emperor (R)
  3. Driving needs or desires: Knave of Swords
  4. Something moving away: 5 Swords
  5. What you’re worried about: Ace of Wands
  6. Something approaching: Queen of Swords
  7. A possible approach: 2 Swords (R)
  8. Another angle: Strength
  9. What you need to know: The Tower (R)
  10. Actions you may have to take: 10 Swords (R)

Knave of Pentacles If a card falls out during the stocking of the deck, I usually bring it into the reading. The only exception is if it feels wrong to do so. I always note if a card is reversed, but I don’t always interpret it that way. I only do that if it feels like that’s the interpretation I should use. As you might have guessed, I rely heavily on my intuition for this. The cards are just a tool.

Let’s see what the cards had to say, starting with the 4 of Wands. Since I chose “surrounding circumstances” for this card, I’d say it stands for the marriage. Since this card can also be about moving, I find it fitting that it shows up here.

What’s rocking the boat seems to be an older man trying to tell you what to do. Don’t let this get to you. Use the advice that means something to you, and ignore the rest.

As for driving needs or desires, the Knave of Swords speaks of willpower, determination, courage and lots of energy. Make sure to use these to your advantage. The thing that’s moving away, is having to think before you speak all the time, having to choose your battles. (Thanks to Jonquil for pointing out that the fourth card was missing.)

What you’re worried about is the Ace of Wands. In this case I’d say it stands for you, thinking about if this is a good time to start over.

The Queen of Swords stand for something that’s approaching in this spread. I read it as a situation where you’re going to have to be totally honest to get what you need. You may have to put your foot down.

A possible approach to better align is the 2 of Swords, which speaks of partnership, a compromise or truce. It also speaks of a need for balance. Exactly what this is about, is not something I can say, since I don’t know that much about your life.

Another angle on the problem is Strength. In this position I’d say it points to being patient and stubborn. To stay strong in your faith that this is in your future.

The Tower has something to say about what you need to know, but I think you already know this. It will be a major change for you, a turn-your-life-upside-down event. Or maybe that should be rightside up, in your case.

What actions you may have to take are here symbolized by the 10 of Swords. This one I will read as reversed. It says you need to take some time to think about what you need to do. Take one step at a time, and trust yourself.

Now for the card that fell out when I stocked the deck; the Knave of Pentacles. I believe this has something to do with a young person that’s somehow involved in all of this. Smart, friendly, curious and innocent. In what way he or she is involved, I can’t say.

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