Do you get a bit fidgety and impatient when you have to sit and wait (you know…like at a doctor’s office)? With the advance of technology, there’s now a simple way to forget about your wait (or worries) and enjoy some peaceful time to create.

Coloring can be just the ticket.

Coloring for adults has become a big thing lately, and unlike some popular things, this one is actually really good for you. In many ways, it’s a bit like meditation. It helps reduce anxiety and stress and it activates both hemispheres of your brain. So it’s good exercise for your brains too, keeping it healthy for longer.

It’s also fun and there aren’t any rules. You can express yourself freely and you don’t’ have to show it or explain why that flower is bright green, or why you coloured outside the lines.

But taking your colouring book and pencils into the doctor office might feel a bit awkward. I get that and wouldn’t have thought to colour while sitting in waiting rooms until a friend posted the link to a colouring app called Pigment in my group

I had to try it, and it works really well (and even better with a stylus). You can choose if you want to click to fill an area or fill it with a brush, you can zoom and pan, and even the free version has a bunch of pages and colours. The picture at the top is the one I coloured yesterday.

Since we all have different tastes, I’ve added two more to the list that you can try:

Pigment – Coloring Book by Pixite Android iPhone

Coloring by Teazel Ltd Android iPhone

Coloring Book by ColorFeel Android 

There are many more out there. Find one you love and play with it.


3 great colouring apps for you to enjoy

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