Today, I want to show you three flower paintings I’ve done recently. They’re quick, small watercolour paintings I’ve made for cards I’ll be sending to subscribers and they’re all based on photos I’ve taken in my garden over the last week.


The peonies on the bush we have are huge. I’ve posted some images in my Instagram stories lately if you want to see them.

Peony - watercolour painting by Linda Ursin

Fire Lilies

Both these Fire Lilies and the Peonies have been here for at least 20 years (my guess since the people who lived here before us were into their 90’s).

Fire Lilies - watercolour painting by Linda Ursin


These are found here and there, both in the garden and by the road. They weren’t planted.

Pincushions - watercolour painting by Linda Ursin

What flowers do you have where you live?


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