We’ve all heard the term “woman’s intuition”, but why is it a female thing, a feminine strength? Don’t guys have intuition too?

Of course, they do. Men can be very intuitive, they have the same capabilities as women. However, they may not be as used to using them.

Several scientific studies show that both sexes have these abilities, so where did the idea that there’s something “female” about it come from?

Part of it is social, something we learn. Girls are more often encouraged to share their emotions, to be more receptive, to consider other people’s feelings.

Judith Orloff, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA says; “In our culture, we view intuition as something that’s warm and fuzzy, or not masculine, so men have often lost touch with those feelings. The reality is, girls are praised for being sensitive while boys are urged to be more linear in their thinking rather than listening to their feelings”.

Studies seem to support that, in general, men prefer a more rational and analytical approach while women use their gut more. Research on nonverbal communication skills has shown that women are better at reading facial expressions than men. We tend to be more open to the emotional messages other people are sending through their body language and tone of voice. This may add to the perception that women have some special ability to intuitively gage what others are feeling or thinking.  There is also scientific evidence that women, in general, are seen as more empathic, and that we’re more likely to see ourselves as empathic.

A University of Granada-led study carried out a test on 600 students to see whether men are less intuitive than women and arrived at the conclusion that intuition, at least in part, is biological. To do this, they looked at  the ‘digital ratio’ which is an indication of prenatal testosterone levels. In the study, the men gave more analytical answers, while the women gave more empathic and intuitive answers.

So that’s why I choose to call intuition a female strength. That doesn’t say that men don’t have it, only that we as women do.

And it’s a damned good tool to have too, especially as a business owner 🙂 My intuition is my primary tool for decisions, both in my business and in life. It’s been a very reliable tool for many years. Whispering when I need it and shouting when I didn’t listen 🙂

So what do you think? Do you use this feminine strength of yours?


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