What are your most difficult distractions? You know the ones that interrupt or prevent you from doing what you need to do to get where you want to go, focusing on what you need to focus one, and that are almost impossible to avoid.

  • Maybe it’s your husband or kids interrupting you with questions or asking you to do things for them.
  • It could be people calling you on the phone at the worst time possible when you’re deep into your process.
  • Is it social media and email notifications?
  • Or maybe it’s your own thought patterns, your inner critic causing problems?

Dig deep and have a look at them. Are they really that impossible? Maybe there’s a way around them?

  • The husband and kids can be talked to and asked for personal time.
  • You can turn off your phone when you work.
  • Notifications can be turned off
  • Thought patterns can be addressed and the voice of the inner critic can be made more silent.
What is making you lose your focus?

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For me, my biggest distraction right now is facebook, which is not that easy to avoid completely when you run an online business. But I’ve set some ground rules for myself and I intend to tighten them up.

Then there’s the husband, daughter, and pets which demand my attention. But during the day and late evenings, there are only the pets and they’re calmer then.

What’s yours?

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