Remember getting that assignment in school when you got back after summer?

“Write about what you did during your summer vacation”

I never liked those assignments much. I preferred to write without direction, and I still do. Since I am trying to run a business, there are a few things I have to write about like events, my art, and other things I’ve created. That’s just the way it is. Other than that, I usually write about anything that interests me, and I think will interest you.

Today, I thought I’d let you in on some of the things I did in July.

  • First of all, I made some art. Not as much as I would have otherwise because I was tinkering with some web and graphic design as well, but here’s one example: Flower Fairies
  • I did a photo shoot with a friend to get some new pictures for the website and social media. I’ll be showing those to you later.
  • I took a bunch of photos of interesting things, nature, and pets. Some of which I’ve shared on my Instagram account.
  • Lilith and I took some trips as well. We had a day out with my sister-in-law and her daughter, having a nice dinner and watching the new Ice Age movie. We also went to the indoor pools twice and the library in the city once.
  • Lilith and her dad also took a trip to Sweden so I had 4 days for some rest and pampering.
  • I also did a lot of thinking about where I want to go next with the business, about services, products, and my social media presence. As I’ve told you before, the results of all that thinking and work will be revealed on September 21. Keeping it a secret isn’t easy, and I have posted some hints in the event on my facebook page. But I have to keep the big picture hidden for now. In part, because it isn’t 100 % clear yet, but also because I want a big reveal 🙂

As you probably do too, I also had to do the boring stuff, like housework and paying the bills, but they’re not interesting enough to get more than a mention.

I hope you enjoyed the guests I had while I was away. I set that up so the blog wouldn’t go quiet or I would have to write up 8 posts in advance.

Sounds pretty smart, doesn’t it?

What I did on my vacation

Now let me know what you did in July by leaving a comment.


  1. Sibylle

    I love love your new artwork, and can’t wait to see the pictures! Also curious about your new business reveal 🙂

    I’ve had lots going on in July, mostly lots of archery and swordfighting, including a weekend with the club, where I videoed tournaments and fun and then spent the next week editing. Lots of work but insanely fun as well! I also had a week off work and started looking for a new place to live, as I need to move out of my current house by September.

    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks SIbylle 🙂 I love how you’re owning that part of yourself again, and I hope you find the perfect place in time.


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