Help for your website

I can get it done a lot quicker than you, I know of solutions that work, and you won’t have to shed a tear or pull out any hairs, and the sledgehammer can stay in the shed 🙂

Whether the website help it’s setting up sharing buttons or changing the design. I can help you, and you might learn a thing or two along the way.

I’m not just saying this. I have the knowledge and experience to back it up:

  • An associates degree in computer system maintenance and repair
  • 10 years of experience from working with server maintenance and computer support & repair at large institutions
  • 10 years of experience installing, designing and managing sites for clients.
  • 12 years of experience running my own server & sites

When the thought of your website makes you want to

  • bring out a sledgehammer
  • bang your head against the wall
  • or pull your hair out.

When working on your website makes you want to throw four letter words at it and cry.

I can help!

Help for your website

I want to help you with this and take that frustration away!

My rates

These rates are for computer help, website help and website administration. You can find my web design and graphic design rates by clicking the links.

Quick advice: $27

Adding/changing smaller things: $47

For example installing a plugin, adding share buttons or opt-in widgets.

Improving site security: $127

Installing and setting up an anti-malware and firewall plugin and a backup system, plus running a security scan and fixing basic security issues (takes at least 1 hour).

Regular maintenance

Like making sure plugins and platform are up to date, the security and backup logs are checked, and running a security scan.

weekly: $40/week

monthly: $80/month

For work that is more complex or extensive, talk to me and we’ll come to an agreement.

First, we have to have a cup of tea!

This is so I can get to know you and hear what you need. You can book that below.

Get website help today and get rid of that frustration

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