Today I’m bringing you a creative prompt to get you going; Use your senses. I hope this inspires you, and that it will be the first of many creative tips. Leave me a comment below with your experiences, after you try this.

PS. There are captions available for this video


  1. Rachel Z Cornell

    Thank you for this. I use my other senses a good deal because I’m visually impaired but I don’t think I pay attention to how I’m doing this. So per your prompt I’m going to see if I can be more aware of how things feel.

    I don’t know what I might taste during my morning walk but who knows what might show up. There are lots of bugs, maybe I’ll eat one. Grin.

    • Linda Ursin

      Thanks Rachel. I bet you use your other senses more than those of us who are fully sighted. Don’t eat one on purpose 😀


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