The symbols are showing up both here and there, but not on their own of course 🙂 I’m adding them to the art shop I have on this site, and to RedBubble. So far, I’ve added the first 70 to RedBubble and 68 to the art shop (since one has gone to a new home and one has been reserved for a customer).

My friend Rachel said I should tell you about some of the things on RedBubble because she thought they were great. I don’t always listen to other people, but this time, I will 🙂

Redbubble is a place where you can print art and other images on items like cards and stickers, but the fun thing that sets it apart from the others I’ve tried is that you can get the art on skirts, scarves, and leggings too. I have almost all of my art up on RedBubble, and I’ve added them to some of the things they have there. These are some examples of what’s there:

Triskelion Leggings Pink Flowers Leggings Fire Alders Leggings Sparkling Butterflies Pencil Skirt Magic Forest Pencil Skirt Color Splash Pencil SkirtShattered Poppy Scarf Spots of Creativity Scarf Ananse Ntontan Scarf

Wouldn’t they be fun to have or give as a gift?

Let me know which one’s your favorite in the comments.

PS. If you’re on RedBubble, follow me there and I’ll check out your items too 🙂


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