The subject for this evening is Tarot spreads. There is an enormous amount of spreads out there, both online and offline. Two examples of where you might go if you’re looking for a spread, are and I don’t use that many Tarot spreads at all. If I have a simple question, I might just use three cards to shed some light on the situation. There are lots of things you can use three cards for:

  • Past-Present-Future
  • Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis
  • Current Focus-Coming Focus-Overall Focus
  • Body-Mind-Spirit
  • Idea-Challenge-Advantage
  • Issue-Action/Change-Outcome

and so on… I just use them for an overall picture of the question, interpreting the cards as a whole, not by position. If the question requires a reading that’s a bit more in-depth, I use a seven card spread I got from my friend Karin or the Celtic Cross. I don’t use the “traditional” assignments for the Celtic Cross, though. I pick assignments that work for that particular reading. Since I’m a lazy person, I tend to pick the assignments from Which spreads do you prefer to use, and where did you find them?

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