Most of the time it’s just fun, running a webshop, other times it’s hard, and sometimes even boring. Especially when you do everything yourself. I’ve had my webshop since 2003, and it’s gone through several changes through the years. So I know.

What’s fun?

  • Creating stuff
  • Getting amazing feedback on your products
  • Meeting new people
  • Going to events
  • Thinking up new products

What’s hard?

  • Having to learn new technology
  • Having to learn new programming languages
  • Finding supplies when your supplier no longer carries what you use

What’s boring?

  • Data entry
  • Bookkeeping
  • Having to copy and paste 251 products when there is no import/export available

That last thing is what I’m doing these days. The latest update of the web shop solution didn’t work with the theme of my website, so I had to move it to a subsite, so I could use another theme on it (without a lot of coding). The way it didn’t work with my theme was that every other page turned out to look like crap after the update, and I couldn’t see it because my pages were cached, and it didn’t show when I was logged in either. So I wasn’t happy when a friend of mine told me about it. She did me a huge favor and did a screencast showing me what she saw. So I could see everything too.

Screenshot of my old web shop

The reason why I’m not just importing everything is that the e-commerce plugin I use doesn’t offer import/export, unless you pay $199 for a different license. This is something I refuse to pay that much for, so I’m copying and pasting instead. I’m not going to name the plugin here, but if you’re interested, just ask on twitter or facebook.

So far, I’ve entered all the amulets, amulet bags, rune sets, product sets, smoke bundles, witch’s hats and potions. What remains is all the art I have listed for sale (another 112 to go). I hope you’ll like the new look of it. If you want a sneak peek, just click the shop link in the menu.

Sorry if the tech talk went over your head. I just wanted to post this little rant, so others in similar situations get to know about it before it happens to them.



  1. Gypsy

    Sometimes being a One Woman Show is not so much fun 🙁 But it sure is worth hard and boring parts when start building a great team and being able to sit on beach with our fancy coconut & umbrella drinks while the kiddos enjoy the sand and waters 😀 <3


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