Would you like to be treated with the utmost love and respect by others? Our ability to be loved and respected by others is intrinsically related to our ability to love, respect and care for our self.

So starting to see self-care as a sacred non-negotiable practice is essential. This begins by deeply loving yourself first and modeling for others how you wish to be treated.

Indirectly you are also helping others take greater responsibility and self-care as they see your positive results and inspired to take a leaf out of your book. Win-win for everyone!

We may know this intellectually, but when it comes down to it, we often get stuck in self-limiting habits which knock our confidence to live the healthy fulfillled life that we dream of.

In my own experience and working with clients at my holistic herbal healthcare practice, I have found that a magical way to quickly dissolve blocks and hopeless or helpless heavy feelings is by consciously bringing an attitude of play and fun into the mix.

This intention immediately lightens the atmosphere and helps to make your sacred self-care practice easy breezy!

Here are three of my top tips to help skyrocket your daily self-care rituals.

1. Ask yourself: “What have I done in my life that I find fun?”

Go back in time to periods when you had a lot of fun, when you felt a sense of excitement and delight, perhaps in childhood or as a young adult.

Take 5 minutes to brainstorm or list as many activities or ideas as you can. Then circle the top 3 that feel most doable and compelling to integrate into your life in the next day, week or month.

Return to and add to this list often. Refreshing our routines and having something delightful to look forward to helps to raise our energy levels.

2. Make your food and drinks fit for a Queen or King.

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are what you eat”. Who do you want to be? How is this reflected in the food and drinks that you prepare for yourself? Are you eating your food mindfully, and at times that help you feel nourished and balanced?

How would you prepare a platter for a revered guest on a special occasion? Aspire to prepare your own food and drinks in this way. If it looks too good to eat, question that thought. Do you believe you’re worth it? We are all worthy of food fit for VIPs.

Not just on special occasions, but every day, start making food more fun by adorning your food more and more with nutritious oils, condiments, herbs, seeds, fresh fruit slices, edible flower garnishes and feel the difference.

Quickly Dissolve Blocks to Your Sacred Self Care Practice

3. Focus on where you want more abundance in your life.

Where your focus goes, energy flows. So often we get fixated on what we don’t want and get bogged down.

Do you want to feel fitter, wealthier, relating better to loved ones, travel more, gain more peace of mind? All it takes is a simple shift in perspective, and some self-compassion to gently keep bring ourselves back on track.

First, identify clearly what that looks like to you and in which areas of your life. Then ask yourself, “What 3 things can I do today to move a step closer in that direction?”

Small steps daily soon add up to a giant leap before you know it!

I’d love to hear how you resonate with these tips and your ideas for how fun and play will benefit your self-care practice.

Let me know and come have fun with me over on my Nourish and Flourish playgrounds at www.instagram.com/NourishandFlourish and www.facebook.com/NourishandFlourish.

Fiona Morris is known as The Natural Healing Guide, guiding creative folk to harness the power of nature to heal themselves and others through her practice as a Medical Herbalist, Holistic Therapist, Nature Artist, Foraging Walk & Workshop Facilitator.

You will find her making mandala art under trees, photographing flowers in green spaces, and online at www.fionamorrisherbalist.co.uk.

Fiona Morris


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