I’ve got practically no voice today.

This is very impractical when you work in computer support. I was lucky enough to have two of the guys there to take some of the calls, even if we’re in the middle of the vacations. I go on vacation next week. On Monday we go to Namsskogan Familiepark. We’re staying the night in a flat at a local camping. The next day we’re driving to my parent’s summer house where we’ll stay for a couple of days. We plan to go back home on Friday.

Right now I’m sipping a cup of Yellow Lipton with a lot of honey made where I was born. Not that it matters where it’s made, or what brand of tea it is. I’m just trying to stop this damn cough. I can’t use the herbs because I’m still breastfeeding (once a night). I plan to stop in October. Then I can get proper medication for pain, asthma and allergies.

When it comes to Heksebua, I’m working on the first newsletter. I expect to send it out this week. I hope to be able to do them monthly. Weekly is not possible as busy as I am now. If you’d like to receive the newsletter, you can sign up at https://lindaursin.netmailman/listinfo/newsletter.

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