I want to tell you a little about my own history with Tarot. Although I started doing rune readings back in 1994, I didn’t get my first Tarot deck until 2004, and it was the standard Rider-Waite deck.  I did a series of interpretations on a tarot forum, and they were well received.

I also did a number of free readings to connect with the deck, but no matter what I did, I felt no connection. The symbols weren’t speaking to me if you understand what I mean. Then in 2010, I found what has become my favorite deck, The Vikings Tarot. This what when I started getting confident enough to add it as a service.

The ones who helped me test this and many of those I’ve read for since have been very positive about my results. If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you got to read the interpretations I did on it (which are now in my library on the main site), and my opinions on the Baldr card (Temperance).

I also did a video reply on YouTube about this deck. I recently bought a third deck, Alistair Crowley’s Toth Tarot. I just finished writing my initial interpretations, and doing a round of 15 free readings. I like it, and the test results have been good, but it’s not as good for me as the Viking deck. Do you do Tarot readings? If so, do you do them just for yourself, friends & family, or as a public service? What’s your experience and favorite deck?

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