Being a mail carrier can be hard work. Heavy mail, bad weather and all that. So why not make the mail carrier smile when they get to your mailbox, and remember you in a positive way? Brighten his or her day a bit.

One way to do that is getting creative with your mailbox. So I’ve put together a number of examples for you. The first one is ours, which my daughter and I painted.

My mailbox  pig

mushroom hut frog

lobster fish


As you can see by the two last examples here, you can do a temporary thing too, using snow.

catinhat  snowman mailbox

I like making people smile, and I think you do too. So if you can make someone smile today, by showing your creativity, do it!

One way might be to share this post 🙂


  1. Sibylle

    Ah, I love these! Very creative, especially the snow ones 🙂


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