Signs of Spring

The flowers have arrived like Colt’s Foot, Anemones, and Alpine Penny-cress in Nature and the Daffodils have buds in the garden.

There are also catkins and buds on trees and bushes and the Birches and Grey Sallows are starting to grow leaves.

The grass is turning green.

In the last week, we’ve had 3 really warm days (like summer warm) and no really cold days.

Spring is most definitely here.

Spring Gardening

I’ve had to move some plants out of the old herb bed and into pots because we’re moving them to raised beds later. Another thing we’ve done for the garden is to create bee houses and a bumblebee house. I’ve also sown seeds for lots of yummy plants for them.

In relation to bees, Sweden is taking steps to become the most bee-friendly country in the world. Yes, I know I’m in Norway, not Sweden 😀 but I was born in Sweden and lived there until I was 27.

What’s the season like where you live?


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