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Herblore 101 – basic introductory herbs class

Herblore 101 is a basic introductory herbs class for people who have little or no knowledge of the world of herbs. Of course, those who are more experienced are welcome to join as well!

This class will give you a foundation to build on and work with. It’s about getting a feel for what’s around you, and techniques/approaches for your work with herbs, rather than handing out ready-made recipes.

Herblore 101 is a class which, in the email version, runs over 12 weeks. Lessons will be emailed to you every Monday, with assignments. You can ask questions and comment, and you will receive constant support and feedback from me.

Your training will include

  • Getting to know the nature that surrounds you
  • Making a habit of spending time in nature
  • Experiencing new herbs close up and personal
  • Finding information
  • Source criticism
  • …and much more!

You will be taught by me, in a group of up to 15 students. The lessons will be emailed to you in either English, Norwegian and Swedish, depending on your preference.

What’s expected of you

  • You need to make time for the exercises. They will take around 20 minutes every day, plus a walk in nature every now and then. If you choose the email class, you will also need some time to turn in your assignments.
  • You don’t need to buy any additional material, books, or tools for this class. I might recommend a book or a website occasionally, but they are not required reading for the class.
  • If you get ill or can’t follow the email class for two weeks or longer, you will be removed from the group. If this happens within the first 6 weeks of the class, you are free to join a later Herblore 101 class without additional charge.
  • If you go on holiday and won’t be able to go online at all (not even in a cyber cafe) for some time, let me know before you go, and you’ll receive up to two weeks’ worth of email lessons in advance.

Email class with personal support

Price: $ 47 (convert to your currency here)
(You will be sent to the payment page after signing up)

Contact me to say you’re interested

Self-study class

Price: $ 27  (convert to your currency here)
(You will be sent to the payment page after signing up)

Coming soon

Herblore 101

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