Earlier this year, I stumbled across Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art 2012 Postcard Swap, and I just had to participate. Before I show you the postcards, I’d like to thank Kat for organizing this. She’s done a massive amount of work. There were 192 participants, who all sent her 5 postcards, and she sent 5 of those, plus one of her own, to every single one of us.

What I sent

I sent these postcards to Kat for distribution.

Sent Postcards

Since I had more cards than I needed, I did a post on Facebook offering to send them to people. I sent 6 to people outside the swap, and 5 to fellow swappers. The one that proved most popular was the Raven. I gave the original away back in 2004, so I might have to create another Raven, not a copy of course.

Extra Postcards

What I received

I’ve received a total of 9 cards so far (3 outside the swap, from fellow swappers). I don’t think we’ll stop swapping just yet, so I might get more. Cards ReceivedThe people I received cards from were:  Kat Sloma, who arranged all this. She’s at http://kateyestudio.com/  The postcard from Kat Sloma

Mary Gordon at http://www.fatblackcatjournal.wordpress.com/  The postcard from Mary Gordon

Deborah Crecelius in Salem, USA, at http://deborahcrecelius.com/  The postcard from Deborah Crecelius

Kim Mailhot at Queen of Arts Studio http://queen-of-arts.blogspot.com/ The postcard from Kim Mailhot

Shelley Shockley at http://www.shelleyshockley.wordpress.com/   The postcard from Shelley Shockley

Adrienne Scanlon at http://www.mymemoryart.blogspot.com/  The postcard from Adrienne Scanlon

Side Swaps:

Amanda Bradley, Calligrapher in Brier, Washington, USA The postcard from Amanda Bradley

Janice Darby at http://janicedarby.blogspot.com/   The postcard from Janice Darby

Sherry Harmes, Amook Island Creations, Amook Island, Alaska, USA  The postcard from Sherry Harmes

It’s been fantastic, and I’ve connected with people in far away places. I hope to be able to participate next year as well. In the meantime… If you’re some kind of creative (you don’t have to be a painter or photographer, doesn’t matter if you quilt), and you’re up for swapping pictures of your work for my pictures, let me know.

PS. I got another card on Wednesday, this one’s from Deanie Houghtaling in Phoenix, USA. The card from Deanie Houghtaling

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