Kindred, or fellow heathens, friends, and family, are important for most heathens. The people I count as my Kindred are:

  • My daughter
  • My mom & siblings & my brother’s children
  • My cousins & their children
  • Mother & father-in-law
  • Brother & sister-in-law & their children
  • My pagan & heathen friends

I’m writing this post ahead of time, as I’m spending the weekend with some of my heathen friends.

The cabin I stayed in last year

Just before midnight tonight, I’m taking the train to Oslo, and tomorrow morning I’m continuing to another city to participate in the yearly Þing of The Norwegian Asatru Fellowship Bifrost. I’m really looking forward to this. Not only because I get to see some friends I rarely meet, but also because it’s some time off from everyday life.

I’ve almost finished packing, as I suspect I might have to pack for my daughter’s trip to her grandparents as well. I’ve limited my packing to essentials since I’m bringing mead for the competition, and for the guy who runs my server. I also have to be able to bring my packing on the moped, since the train leaves so late.

I really don’t feel like sitting at the station from 7 PM to midnight. That would kill my back for sure. Last year was my first time at the Þing, which my blotslag was hosting, and it was great. This year it’s hosted by another group in the south of the country, but I’m sure it will be super anyway. It isn’t often I get to hang out with Kindred beyond my closest family, as I live in an area with very poor public transportation and don’t have a license to drive a car. So this, and the Viking Fair is something I really appreciate.

Do you hang with heathens? Who do you count as your kindred? Leave me a comment by filling out the form below.

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