Some people will think I’m crazy for doing this, but I don’t care. I’ve decided to share this tutorial for photo manipulation with you, even though it’s part of a paid class.

It’s a tutorial or demo which shows you how you can manipulate photos in Pixlr, a free tool available for Android, iPhone, and computers. It it, you’ll see how I created this picture:

Spirit Bear

How to manipulate photos in Pixlr

It was recorded as part of an online workshop, and I’ve cut away bits that aren’t needed, so it’s a bit different from how I would have recorded it if I did it as a tutorial only. Should you want to watch the whole workshop, it’s available on this page:

I hope you’ll have some fun with your photos now. If you enjoyed it, leave a comment and then share it, and if you create something as a result of watching this, I’d love to see it. Tag me on social media


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