This is a time of change, so I find it appropriate to discuss such subjects. That’s why I thought I’d ask a question today.

In what way has your path changed since you discovered Paganism?

You can answer in a comment or on your blog (or something similar) and then add the link in a comment. I’m going to describe the evolution of my path through the years in a future post, so I won’t add it here.

I’ve started building databases for my divination interpretations. I guess you could say it’s in keeping with the season 🙂 These will be made available on Heksebua as soon as they’re finished. I’ve also started on the second stocking. It’s just a circle yet, but I hope to be finished within a reasonable amount of time. I tend to get bored quickly, and I really want to get these finished. When I can afford it, I’m going to take a few hours off to go to the fabrics store and get the fabric I need. I’m looking for an archeologist to verify my costume choices, so if you know of one with extensive knowledge about clothes in the 10th and 14th century, let me know.

October is coming to an end, and I still haven’t figured out a subject for next month. For December, I thought I’d do something Yule related, but for November I have no clue. I haven’t gotten around to finishing the altar yet either, so I’d better get to it.

As for the gathering, I’m still the only confirmed guest. If I don’t get any more by the 31st, I will cancel the event. Because of Hubs’ plans, I’m leaving work an hour early today, which is nice 🙂

I’ve restyled my Twitter profile with a theme from COLOURlovers themelon. I didn’t have time to make a new custom background, so I chose to get a temporary one. The reason for this is that my old background looked like crap with the new Twitter. Unfortunately, Twitter had disabled the opportunity to change background images at the time when I was checking them out, so I might have to go through them again.

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