Now, facebook ads work great for some people, but I don’t run any. At the most, I might boost a post or two here and there. My reasons for not running those ads, even though a lot of coaches have tried to convince me to do so, are quite a few. But I wanted to give you some of them today.

Maybe you feel the same as me?

Maybe they’ve tried to convince you too?

one First of all, I don’t like creating ads. It isn’t fun to do. I think interacting with people a lot more fun. It takes a lot of knowledge, time, and effort to set up a good ad, and although I have the knowledge, I prefer to use my time and energy on other things. Things that are more fun to do, and less demanding.


twoThe second reason I have is simply that I don’t like ads myself, so why should I expect my followers to like them. I don’t click them, so why expect you to?


threeAs the third reason, which might be said to be related to the first two, it’s just not how I want to run my business. Being pushy and salesy isn’t how I want to be seen. I’m not saying that everyone who runs ads is pushy and salesy, but a lot of the ads I’ve seen have been.

fourMy fourth reason is that almost everyone I’ve talked to about ads, that are in my audience, use some kind of ad blocker. So it would be a complete waste of my time and money to use ads.


fiveThe last reason is that I can’t get ads to go through Ad Manager. I’ve tried back when I was listening to those coaches. Facebook even called me personally twice to try to figure out why they never got approved and weren’t able to fix it.

So now you know why I don’t use ads. Do you?

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My reasons for not running facebook ads


  1. Gypsy LoSavio

    I haven’t done ads yet. I may dabble in the future. It’s a matter of it being worth it. If I can spend $10 and get 2 people to purchase a $97 service, I just profited $184. So that is a well spent $10. It would be no different than me spending $10 to have a 1 X 2 inch ad in a local flyer and getting the same results.

    I think that mindset is part of it and how each of us has experienced with advertising in the past.

    I wish FB was more user friendly and not clicky with their approvals. Their business model for ads makes it hard for a lot of different people to use their advertising. But then it’s not surprising.

    • Linda Ursin

      I wish they were more user friendly too. I’ve learned how to create very targeted and good ads, but they don’t give me the ROI.


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