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I want to thank Linda for letting me take part on her blog this week. I want to address the topic of burnout today as so many women suffer with this. We’re all busy and juggle so many things, work, family, friends, the list goes on. Ask yourself how many times do you actually stop and breathe and do something for you? It’s very easy when we are busy to just keep going and when we do get a few minutes spare just fill it with something else to do.

That isn’t living it’s existing and I want you to have a better life than that.

If I say the word flourish to you what do you think? When I hear that word I think of a flower blossoming and looking beautiful. Do you think that’s how you look? It’s very easy with our busy schedules to let self-care go out the window. Not on my watch ladies all it takes is getting clever with your time there will always be something that needs to get done but at some point, you have to say enough and take a rest. Just like a flower dies if it isn’t watered and cared for, it’s the same for you ladies; you have to take care of yourself to have a happy healthy life.

For me, pampering is a way of life I make sure that I take time to relax and put the brakes on. I actually make natural skincare all infused with essential oils and using these regularly helps me rest and oils are not only good for your skin but they are also good for your health. I also help women who feel like their lives are dull and lack any kind of fun. When all you do is work then life becomes dull and loses its sparkle. Who says the fun has to stop when you get older not me. Sure we have responsibilities and bills to pay but we should enjoy life not view it as a hard slog. So many people feel fed up with their jobs and wonder if there is more to life. Let me tell you there is if you have a voice in your head wanting you to do something different listen to it. Pursue that hobby, enroll on that class or go traveling. Do you think when you look back on your life that you will look back fondly on all the hard work you’ve done? No, you’ll look back at all the happy memories you made.

When a woman flourishes her life takes on new meaning she feels radiant and this ripples out into all areas of her life. Tweet this! She finds work she enjoys, has better relationships and positively glows. Do you feel that’s how you live? Don’t worry if you don’t as you aren’t alone so many women are exhausted and fed up. I am excited to tell you about a wonderful event that I am co-hosting with Louise Armstrong. We are hosting it at a five-star hotel called Coworth Park in Ascot UK.

Both myself, and Louise have had our own struggles and we could see that so many women were going through similar things and we want to show them that there is another way to live. It doesn’t have to be that hard. Sure life can feel tough at times but all it takes is cultivating a positive mindset to help you handle any obstacles that might come your way. Louise is a NLP coach helping women to transform their lives for the better. I’m all about fun and pampering. We have the most interactive exciting day planned in such a stunning location. We will be helping women who feel stuck in a certain part of their lives. Life may feel frustrating maybe you’re in a job you don’t like or in a relationship that doesn’t make you happy. There is no need to struggle with this. You can have the life you want you just need to learn the right tools and have the right people around you who believe in you and support your dreams.

Born to Flourish Invitation

This is our first event but we plan to host many more all around the world and share our message. Here’s to having more fun and loving life. All it boils down to is the choices that we make you can choose to be stressed or you can live a life you enjoy your choice. If this article resonates with you look me up at www.melsplantoplay.com where I provide tips on how to relax and have more fun. You can also find me on Facebook where I have a lovely group of women from all around the world who are living life on their terms. If you are struggling right now and feel like life has lost its meaning don’t feel you have to deal with this alone. I did this when I felt miserable I retreated it was the worst thing I could have done. The biggest form of self love you can provide for yourself is to ask for help so if you would like to speak to me you can drop me an email at melsplantoplay@gmail.com and we can arrange a chat.

Just know this no matter how bad things may feel now things always get better but we need help.

Here’s to flourishing not existing! Tweet this!

Melanie Whittaker lives in the UK and makes natural skin care and coaches women on how to have more fun. Most of her life she has been a secretary and is used to organizing and planning. Her passions are travel, music, being creative, girly chats and laughing so hard she has tears in her eyes from laughing so much. Her happy place is a hot beach and a cocktail in her hand. Mel is a bohemian hippy kind of girl and loves nothing more than feeling the sand between her toes and the sun on her back. She listens to music every day and is often seen wiggling her bum to her favorite tunes. Mel is on a mission to bring more fun into women’s lives and loves nothing more than seeing a woman lit up about her life. Mel is always looking at ways to pamper and loves nothing more than lying in the bath with a glass of wine and letting the worries of the day melt away. Fun fact about Mel she decided to go and see the world by herself and visited several countries and had an amazing adventure and encourages women to do the same. Mel’s tip if your heart is speaking to you and wanting you to do something different with your life just listen to it – it’s there for a reason.

Here are her links again:

Website: www.melsplantoplay.com
Facebook group: Mel’s Plan to Play
Email: melsplantoplay@gmail.com

Melanie Whittaker


  1. Sibylle

    Playing is important 🙂 Completely agree with this article, I’ve got my life back now that I place uncompromising priority on doing the things I love once again.


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