A form of self-care that few think about, and even fewer mention in their advice, is to add some beauty to your life. To have something beautiful to look at makes a big difference. The only ones I’ve seen making this point are Feng Shui experts.

According to Feng Shui, having flowers in your home or office brings a strong healing energy, good luck, and other benefits. The best choice being living flowers. This summer, I’m trying to have fresh wildflowers on the table all the time.

Lilith picked the Lupins in the picture on Saturday. The plant on the right is my Dragon Blood Tree. I also have potted plants in all the windows on the ground floor. I had been missing my plants since we moved here in 2006, so a friend gave me 40 cuttings last year, which I’ve somehow managed to keep alive.

My plants either grow like weeds or die immediately. I’m not the best at watering regularly. Do you have something pretty to look at? If so, tell me what in a comment below. We could all use more ideas for injecting our lives with more beauty. While you’re here, make sure to opt in, so you can get the Mandala Coloring Meditations. You can do this by clicking the green button on the right.

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